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Just Awesome!
The Bullet Buddy was designed for those who find it difficult or impractical to form an airtight 'cup' around the harmonica and microphone wiith their hands. It fixes together your harmonica and microphone with a sound chanber for great 'boxy' sound. It also has 2 removable plugs on the back of the sound chamber so you can still get some dynamics in the sound using your hands if you require.

Powerful neodynium magnets are emplyed to ensure a firm hold in the Bullet Buddy's gripper, even for thinner models of harmonica (so long as they have ferrous cover plates).

The Bullet Buddy can also be used without a microphone as an affective harmonica mute.


Combine it with an Ammo Clip (520 or JT-30) for easy hands free use. A great solution for those wanting to play guitar and harmonica at the same time, but without a cumbersome and restrictive neck mounted holder, whist still bennefiting from that cupped sound. No gaffa tape required!

Bullet Buddy

Mic connection
  • The Bullet Buddy's harp slot fits most popular brands of 10 hole diatonic harmonica. The largest we have found that can be accomodated is the Seydel Session Steel.


    The detatchable mic connection ring comes in 3 varieties, to fit the

    • Shure 520 (Green Bullet)
    • JT-30 (Hohner Blues Blaster)
    • Bulletini


    If you are usng a 520 or JT-30 style mic the corresponding Ammo Clip can also be used to hold the Bullet Buddy on a mic stand.

    Please note that photographs of microphones are for illustration only and are not included.