The Bullet Buddy has been updated so that it can be used with a Konig & Meyer 16415 neck rack (sold together on this page).
The Butllet Buddy unit fits securely into the metal bracket arms on the rack and is held in firmly in place by the spring mouted top bar.

With this enhanced design the Bullet Buddy can still be used without a microphone, as a 'cupping' aid, hand held, or with the appropriate Ammo Clip or vocal mic holder (sold seperately) and still supports all of the different mic adapters that it did previously.

The Bullet Buddy and additional mic adapters can be purchased seperatly. Please see the apprpriate page for details.


® Bulletini is a registered trademark of BlowsMeAway Productions

Bullet Buddy with K&M 16415

Mic Connector
  • Supported Neck Racks

    • Konig & Meyer 16415 (Incuded)

    Supported Microphones

    • Shure 520 and 520DX (Green Bullet)
    • Superlux D112/C
    • Hohner Blues Blaster
    • Astatic JT-30
    • BlowsMeAway Productions Bulletini®
    • Shure Unidyne 515SA
    • Shure SM57
    • Shure SM58
    The different microphone adapters are interchangeable and can all be used with the same Bullet Buddy.
    To avoid confusion additional mic adapters are listed seperately. Please see the Bullet Buddy Mic Adapter page.
    Supported Harmonicas
    • Most major brands of 10 hole diatonic harmonica with standard metal coverplates up to 19mm thick (at their thinnest point)
    • Seydel Session Steel is the thickest that can be accommodated
    • Unusual, funky and custom  harmonica designs such as the Yonberg or Turboharp are not supported.
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