Jack BIIlmann

With the saltwater of the Far South Coast of NSW and the crystal clear water of the Snowy Mountains running through his veins, Jack Biilmann has been surrounded by inspiration his whole life. After five years of national and international touring, six single releases, thousands of Spotify plays and two full length albums. Biilmann has paved a reputation as one of Australia's most talented singer/songwriter/guitarists.

Jack has official player partnerships established with both Gibson and Maton guitars and is a master of the fast finger picking blues lick and slide guitar. His harmonica playing is not half bad either! Jack helped us to evolve the Bullet Buddy's design so that it could be comfortably used with a neck rack to achieve the truely hands-free amplified blues that multi-instrumentalists seek so often.

Jack has a number of albums and singles both from solo roots/blues projects and with his rock band 'Biilmann' including the very fine 'Sink like a Stone' released in 2020 (which I am personally enjoying very much at the moment). You can find Jack's music on your favourite streaming or download service. You can also get a physical copy from his website jackbiilmann.com. He can regularly be found touring; both in his native Australia and internationally (when viruses allow). Otherwise he'll be in the recording studio, supporting his community, promoting his friends or otherwise spreading good feeling and generosity of spirit about the place.

Follow Jack on Instagram @jack.biilmann, @biilmann_band


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Jack Says...

The Bullet Buddy has made the sought after Cupped & Amplified blues harmonica sound readily available to me whilst playing the guitar & foot percussion a the same time. This has been an absolute game changer for me! The tone and playability has inspired my harmonica chops to another level. The product is reliable, sturdy and Ben has been an absolute gentleman to deal with. The Ammo Clip is a must for all harmonica players, live and studio engineers.