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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you based?
A: We are based near Brighton on the south coast of England.

Q: Do you have a distributor in the USA / Australia / A.N.Other country?

A: We work with a number of independent music shops and harmonica gear specialists in various countries. We recommend buying from them if they are local to you to save on postage, customs duties etc.

A: Many of our prducts are also available internationaly via Amazon Prime

A: And on eBay via their Glabal Shipping Programme

Q: Will my Shure (small shell) Brown Bullet fit in the Ammo Clip 520?

A: Yes, but it is not a perfect fit and is not held as firmly as the 520.

Q: Will my Superlux \ Cherry Bomb \ Red howler fit in the Ammo Clip 520?
A: Yes the Ammo Clip 520 supports all mics based on the Green bullet Shell shape with flattened sides.

Q: Do I have to remove the grille from my mic to use the Bullet Buddy?

A: Yes. You must remove the grille and replace it with the appropriate Bullet Buddy Mic Adapter.

Q: Which mics can I use with the Bullet Buddy?

A: Bullet Buddy mic adapters are available for the following microphones. Please let us know if you need something else.

  • Shure 520 ' Green Bullet' (and similar)

  • Hohner 'Blues Blaster' / JT-30 (and similar)

  • Hohner HB52 'Harp Blaster'

  • BlowsMe Away Productions Bulletini®

  • Shure SM57 & SM58 and Unidyne 515 vocal mics.

Q: Which harmonicas do your products support?

A: The various harp boxes and Bullet Buddy are designed to fit most major brands of 10 diatonic blues harmonicas. Please see the individual product pages for more details. Unusual, funky and custom harps such as Yonberg, Turbo Harp and Black Rock custom harmonicas are not supported.

Q: What should I do if I have an idea for something new?

A: Contact us by filling in the contacts form or use the chat. We will be happy to discuss your idea and see what we can come up with.

Q: How much does it cost for you to design something bespoke?

A: There is no 'design fee'. We will agree on a fair price for the item and that is what we will charge you. There may be a small addition cost for materials and postage if several iterations of prototyping are needed.

Notes on Shipping

* We offer free 1st class postage on all products to the UK, here on our website, and on our eBay and Amazon listings. But realy, there is no such thing as free shipping!  It means that the shipping costs are included in the product price.


* Due to an increased number of delayed and lost packages caused by the Covid-19 & Brexit disruption, we are now only sending packages internationally using the Royal Mail's International Tracked service (or equivilent). We try to keep prices to a minimum and where possible are applying the same equivilent discount as our free UK shipping.

* Since July 2021 the European Union's tax rules on imports have changed. VAT is now due on all imported goods to the EU. Unfortunatley we are not able to collect this VAT at the checkout and you may be charged by customs in the destination country instead.


* All of our products are also available on eBay where they can take advantage of eBay's Glogal Shipping Program. All international shipping and customs costs and requirements are automatically taken care of by the platform.

* Many of our products are also available to be fulfilled from Amazon Prime warehouses in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Please search for "Battle Plan Harmonica Accessories" on your local Amazon site.

* We prefer and reccomend that our internationl customers make purchases from one of our retail partners or global market place facilitators where possible.

Notes on The Environment

* We care about the environment and do everything we can to minimize our impact.

* Our 3D printed products are made from a biodegradable (but still durable) plant based plastic called Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). They will last for many years, but not thousands.

* We partner with TerraCycle to recycle as much as possible of our 3D printing waste.


* Our 3D printers run on electricity from 100% renewable resources including Solar PV that we generate ourselves.

* We try to use the minimum amount of packaging to ensure safe shipping and wherever possible use, reuse and recycle packaging that comes to us.

* We also partner with suppliers like LIL Packaging to ensure that when we do buy packaging it is sustainably sourced and recyclable.


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