Designed specifically to fit the Turner 254, but also suitable for other harmonica mics with a similar shell, where the volume control is on the rear. This Ammo Cip will hold your bullet mic securely and conveniently on a mic stand, keeping it safe when not in use but easily accessible when needed.


Also works as a 'hands free' solution for those who want to play guitar and sing through the mic.

    Ammo Clip 254

    • Suitable for...

      • Turner 251, 254 and +2 models
      • Other mics based on the same shell shape and the volume contol on the rear

      Not suitable for...

      • Mics which have the volume control on the bottom

      Supplied with a threaded stand attachment with a moulded 3/8" thread and a metal 5/8" adapter, so it is ready to use right away.