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Designed around the Hohner Blues Blaster, this Ammo Clip is suitable for all Astatic JT-30 Style mics. With a shape specially designed to snugly fit the chrome-grilled face of the mic and the screw housing on the side, Your precious harp mic locks in and out of this holder with a satisfying 'click'.


It also works as a hands-free solution for those who want to play the guitar and sing through the mic.

    Ammo Clip JT-30

      • Astatic JT-30
      • Hohner Blues Blaster
      • DAP Audio HM-30
      • Alctron ZD-2 / AL 1003
      • Studiospares S1945
      • Nandy VHM-7 Bushman Torpedo
      • Apex 327
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