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This is the latest, updated design of the Bullet Buddy 'hands-free amplified' harmonica system

This new Bullet Buddy has an improved print quality and is made from a flexible but very tough material (TPU). It has been designed with hands-free use specifically in mind. It is smaller than the original Bullet Buddy and is more comfortable to use in a neck rack^. It omits the sound chamber of the original Bullet Buddy's design so that the mic's element is brought as close as possible to the harmonica for maximum 'compression' of the sound.

It can still be used hand-held if you wish, or with the appropriate Ammo Clip^^ and also supports the same set of mic adapters that the other types of Bullet Buddy use.

  • This listing does not include any microphones, neck racks or harmonicas. Only the Bullet Buddy and appropriate microphone adapters


^ The Bullet Buddy has been designed to fit the Konig & Meyer 14615 neck rack specifically. Other types of neck rack may also be suitable but have not been tested by us

^^ Ammo Clip bullet mic holders are also available from us. These Ammo Clips still support their intended michrophone when attached to the Bullet Buddy with appropriate type of microphone adapter.

® Bulletini is a registered trademark of BlowsMeAway Productions

Bullet Buddy

  • Supported Harmonicas

    The Bullet Buddy is flexible and very tough. It can be used with most major brands of 10 hole diatonic harmonica with standard metal cover-plates. It has been designed for and tested with the following models.

    • Hohner Special 20
    • Hohner Rocket & Rocket Amp
    • Hohner Marine Band (Crossover)
    • Lee Oskar / Tombo
    • Suzuki Manji
    • Seydel 1847
    • Seydel Session Steel

    Other types of diatonic harmonica such as the Lucky13 or the 6-hole BabyFat may also work but have not been tested by us. Unusual, funky and custom harmonica designs such as the Yonberg or Turboharp, or ones with custom cover-plates such as Black Rock Harmonicas are not supported.


    Supported Microphones

    • Shure 520 and 520DX 'Green Bullet'
    • Superlux D112/C
    • Vintage Astatic JT-30
    • Hohner 'Blues Blaster'
    • Hohner HB52 'Harp Blaster'
    • BlowsMeAway Productions Bulletini® *
    • Shure SM57
    • Shure SM58
    • Unidyne 515SA
    • Bone Daddy 'Honker **
    • Shaker 'Mad Dog' ***
    • Audix FireBall
    The different microphone adapters are interchangeable and can all be used with any of Bullet Buddy designs.
  • This product page includes 1 microphone adapter as standard. A second adapter can be purchased at a discount with the listing by choosing the appropriate option in the 'Additional Mic Adapter' field. Further mic adapters can also be purchased, but are listed separately to avoid confusion. Please see the Bullet Buddy Mic Adapter Listing.

    * The Bulletini® adapter comes in 2 variations, one that is designed to be used with an Ammo Clip T1n1 (but also still works with the neck rack), or a smaller one that is optimized specifically for use with the rack.
    ** The Bone Daddy 'Honker' fits in either of the Bullietin® adapter variations
    ** The Shaker 'Mad Dog' fits in the Bullet Buddy without any adapter - This option is priced with a 'no adapter discount' accordingly, but can't be combined with other adapter options.

    Please reach out to us at Battle Plan Harmonica if you have any questions or cannot see the options than you need

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