This page is for additional mic adapters for the Bullet Buddy and does not include the Bullet Budy itself.


    The different microphone adapters are intechangable and can all be used with the same Bullet Buddy or a B-B Grip.


    To avoid confusion the complete Bullet Buddy & B-B Grips are listed seperately. Please see the main Bullet Buddy & B-B Grip pages for details.


    * The Bullet Buddy for 520/D112c, JT-30 & Bulletini fit the standard corresponding Ammo Clips. Used with a vocal mic (e.g. SM57 or SM58), the unit fits into a regular or standard or large mic clip 


    Bulletini® requires a slightly modified version. Please contact us if it is something you need.

    ® Bulletini is a registered trademark of BlowsMeAway Productions

    Bullet Buddy Mic Adapter

    • Supported Microphones

      • Shure 520 and 520DX (Green Bullet)
      • Superlux D112/C
      • Hohner Blues Blaster
      • Astatic JT-30
      • BlowsMeAway Productions Bulletini®
      • Shure Unidyne 515SA
      • Shure SM58