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This product page is for additional mic adapters for the Bullet Buddy and does not include the Bullet Buddy itself.


    The different microphone adapters are intechangable and can all be used with any of the currently available types of Bullet Buddy hands-free amplified assistants


    To avoid confusion the complete Bullet Buddys are listed seperately. Please see the appropriate product pages for full details.

    ® Bulletini is a registered trademark of BlowsMeAway Productions

    Bullet Buddy Mic Adapter

    • Supported Microphones

      • Shure 520 and 520DX 'Green Bullet'
      • Superlux D112/C
      • Hohner HB52 'Harp Blaster'
      • Hohner Blues Blaster
      • Astatic JT-30
      • BlowsMeAway Productions Bulletini® *
      • Shure SM57
      • Shure SM58
      • Shure Unidyne 515SA
      • Bone Daddy 'Honker' **
      • Shaker 'Mad Dog' ***
      • Audix FireBall
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